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Ava Inspires Her Specialists Daily
2017-06-20 • Project Walk Walnut Creek
Introducing Ava: Ava has been living with Cerebral Palsy since birth. She suffered a hemorrhage in utero and as a result the part of her brain that affects her ability to walk was compromised. She found Project Walk in Walnut Creek through the recommendation of her occupational therapist who is a member of the Forma Gym where Project Walk is located. She started her program in Walnut Creek in November 2016 and has gained a lot in just the last few months, surprising even her Specialist with her great attitude and motivation to keep trying until she gets something achieved.
After Her Diagnosis: Since Ava has been living with Cerebral Palsy since birth, there is no “before” for her. She is a hard worker and is committed to reaching her recovery goals. Since she has grown up with this diagnosis she is now focusing on becoming as independent as possible so she doesn’t have to rely on others so much.
What does Project Walk mean to you? Ava really likes Project Walk because she feels like she is working out and not just doing “therapy”. She also finds Project Walk inspiring because she likes being around other people who are working really hard to reach their goals. Being a part of Project Walk makes her feel like she’s not alone with her disability. The environment is uplifting because everyone is at Project Walk because they WANT to be there, not because they have to be there.
Current Hobbies: Ava likes to play the piano, read, and watch Grey’s Anatomy. She also loves watching the Giants and the Warriors!
Her Goals: Ava would like to build core strength which will help her achieve many other milestones in recovery. This is a short and long term goal because it’s something that takes persistence to build and maintain. She also wants to stand with little or no help and someday she is hopeful she will be able to take a few steps!
Achievement and Motivation: Since starting at Project Walk just a few months ago, Ava has already accomplished a large milestone: kneeling! She could never kneel without face-planting before and is extremely proud of being able to do this independently. Her motivation to keep pushing forward in recovery is the chance to do even more things independently.
Statements from his Specialists: Ava has made great progress since she’s started at Project Walk. I had the opportunity to meet a few of her teachers and all of them were amazed at how far she’s come. Ava’s balance and strength has improved a lot. She always has fun with her sessions and she isn’t afraid to laugh at herself if she doesn’t get something done on the first try (just like when she face-planted). She keeps trying until she gets the task down. She is also surprising sometimes, in a good way! When we’re in the middle of setting up the next modality, she’ll randomly start kneeling on her own without support and just start balancing!

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